Voltage Stabilizers

The correct operation of all electrical and electronic equipment requires a constant voltage supply in order to function correctly; meanwhile, mains voltage values are often subjected to considerable fluctuations that drives the necessity to have machines able to deliver a constant output voltage, irrespective of any line input voltage variations.
Power & Solar Systems Limited is an authorized distributor of ROM Energy Automatic Voltage Stabilizers  ranging from 1 to 5000Kva all manufactured in Europe. The uncompromised standards ensure reliability and all requirements of most applications where stable output is necessary are met. The Voltage stabilizers are available in both Single Phase and Three Phase.
Our Three Phase Voltage stabilizer can works even in an unbalanced loads condition. All our stabilizers are air cooled by natural convection achieved by the integration of forced roof fan extractors on the top of the enclosure cabinet. The power supply network is checked automatically on the three phases by three electronic cards that supress power surges on each input phase independently.

ROM Voltage Stabilizer

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