Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters (SWH) refers to the renewable energy system that collects energy from the sun in the form of heat rather than using the sun’s energy to produce electricity, as is the case with solar photovoltaics. Solar water heater systems can be used to provide water heating to be used in residential, commercial, or industrial facilities. These are two solar thermal techniques that are commonly used:
Direct solar water heating: This technique relies on the natural tendency for water to circulate freely as some of it warms (in the sun) while some cools. There are no mechanical parts used in passive solar heating systems. Power & Solar Systems Limited offers STARLIGHT Vacuum Tube System, designed by ERASLAN which works with natural circulation. Typically, it is designed for non-water cut areas and areas that does not atmospheric temperature fall under -30 centigrade degree.
Indirect solar water heating: In these systems, pumps and other mechanical components use electricity to circulate water or a heat medium through the system. At Power & Solar Systems Limited we offer Eraslan daylight and moonlight which use electrical pumps, valves, and controllers to circulate water or other heat-transfer fluids through the collectors. This enables a high degree of flexibility in the positioning of the system components. In addition to this, the system can operate with a series of collectors to supply heated water to several large tanks – making it suitable for hotels, swimming pools, and other commercial applications. We also offer various power water heating collectors namely redstar, bluestar and whitestar.

Indirect heating systems

Direct heating systems.

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