Inverter Based Power Backup Solution

We integrate our solutions using top-of -range Inverter/Charger models like Victron, Outback, and SMA with Ritar and Shoto batteries for super outcomes.

Instantaneous changeover with long runtime for hours in case of power failure.

All in one package, a surge protector unit and manual by-pass switch are neatly engineered in an enclosure box fitted with Voltage indicators is awesome!

Clearly printed out User Manual stands out in all our installations to complement our extensive User training sessions.

We not only help our Customers to choose the most appropriate Inverter/Charger-based Power Backup solutions for their particular applications, but our team of service engineers are also always on hand to deliver the best and most cost effective after sales support services.

As a totally focused customer support organization, the Inverter/Charger-based Power Backup solution offered by our company has evolved by developing close working relationships with our customers and careful identification of their specific needs.

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