Shower head Eraslan Red Star Collector solar water heater system


Shower head Eraslan Red Star Collector solar water heater system works in close loop. It has pressurized natural circulation system.

The hot and cold water tanks lay horizontally one after the other. Second water tank provides user with extra water supply. This System works by natural circulation method and is appropriate for cold region.

Glycol inside the collector runs in a close circuit, warms up from the solar radiation. Glycol density decreases and rises inside the winding coli in the hot water tank.

Our Eraslan Shower head Solar water heating systems give excellent cost savings, with short payback periods of 2.5 years and negligible running costs.

  • Minimum 25 years life expectancy.
  •  Low Maintenance costs.
  • Our systems are ideal for use in Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Process heating in Industries and Pre- heated Boiler feed –water.
  • Our plumbers trained to the highest standards in the industry give excellent quality and customer service

Why Choose Eraslan Red Star Collector Shower Head Solar Water Heater System, Power and Solar Systems Limited

  • Power and Solar Systems Ltd has skillful, dedicated and efficient staff who deliver timely on our promise to our customers.
  • Usually, we do detailed site inspection free of charge to establish client needs. Consequently, we offer excellent shower head solar water heater solutions at pocket friendly rates. .
  • We keenly focus on customized shower head solar water heater solutions. We continuously improve our solutions with continuous innovation to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Our emphasis is, and always has been, on delivering quality in product and service. Our ‘bargain basement’ competitors sacrifice quality for price. We give extremely good warranty terms with outstanding After-Sales service.
  • Every Power solution we offer comes experience we have gained over time. Our unique design innovations have regularly set new performance levels which our competitors, good and bad, can only attempt to emulate.

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Shower head Eraslan Red Star Collector solar water heater system
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