Belotti BST-T Series 12KVA-300KVA AVR

The BST is a Servo Controlled Stabilizer that has a number of features which include the following:

  • Extremely high efficiency (mostly 98% or better)
  • Virtually zero wave form distortion (THDi/THDu)
  •  Very low internal impedance
  • Negligible phase shift
  •  Unaffected by low system and/or load power factor
  •  Output voltage stability
  •  Negligible temperature drift
  •  Immune to frequency variation from 47 to 63 Hz
  •  Faster output voltage correction
  •  Elimination of motor switching spikes


BELOTTI VARIATORI SRL has been active in the electromechanical industry since 1904. In 1946, we began the production of toroidal variable autotransformers in Milan under the licence of General Radio. In 1971, we started the production of voltage stabilizers and in subsequent years increased the range till 3 MVA. Nowadays, backed by more than fifty (50) years of experience in developing our range of products, we have become a leading manufacturer of voltage regulation equipment.

Belotti BST-T Series 12KVA-300KVA AVR



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