Battery Racks

Our racks range from the following capacities;

  • 2Pcs of 12-Volt 100Ah Batteries
  • 4Pcs of 12-Volt 100Ah Batteries
  • 6Pcs of 12-Volt 100Ah Batteries
  • 8 Pcs of 12-Volt 100Ah Batteries
  • 2Pcs of 12-Volt 200Ah Batteries
  • 4Pcs of 12-Volt 200Ah Batteries
  • 6Pcs of 12-Volt 200Ah Batteries
  • 8Pcs of 12-Volt 200Ah Batteries


We design and fabricate excellent quality, heavy duty battery racks for all your solar power solutions and Inverter/Charger based power backup solutions at very pocket-friendly prices.  Our battery racks are carefully designed, fabricated and spray-painted professionally. The racks are then baked at a temperature of up-to 150 degrees. This ensures the paint gets intact to the metal thus guaranteeing you no scratches or peeling of paint.
Our design takes into consideration the need for easy transportation as the racks can be dismantled and re-assembled easily. We also have room for shelf adjustments on our racks. The racks come in various sizes to hold batteries of various capacities from 2*12V 100Ah, 4*12V 100Ah, 6*12V 100Ah, 8*12V 100Ah, 2*12V 200Ah, 4*12V 200Ah, 6*12V 200Ah, 8*12V 200Ah and so on.

Battery Racks
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