Battery Racks

Our racks range from the following capacities;

  • 4Pcs of 12-Volt 100Ah Batteries
  • 6Pcs of 12-Volt 100Ah Batteries
  • 8 Pcs of 12-Volt 100Ah Batteries
  • 4Pcs of 12-Volt 200Ah Batteries
  • 6Pcs of 12-Volt 200Ah Batteries
  • 8Pcs of 12-Volt 200Ah Batteries


At Power& Solar Systems Ltd, get excellent heavy duty quality battery racks for all your solar backup solutions and Inverter/Charger based power backup solutions at very pocket-friendly prices. Our battery racks are the best racks in the game made of steel, easy to transport as they can be dismantled and re-assembled easily.

Battery Racks
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