We supply batteries for all ranges of UPS, Inverters, Telecom, Industrial and any other power backup equipment. Battery types include general purpose power backup batteries, UPS batteries, solar batteries and telecom deep cycle batteries. Our deep cycle series batteries can be used for 260 cycles or more than 100% discharge levels and life span of 5 years stand-by service  and over 10 years for deep cycle series. They are maintenance free and thus minimizing the maintenance costs hence economical. They are characterized by first charge and slow discharge rate.

Solar Batteries.

Unlike a typical vehicle battery, which is designed to provide a short burst of high energy to start your car or truck, a deep-cycle battery has been made to provide a steady amount of current over a long time.

Telecom Batteries.

Whatever your network stability or equipment backup time request may be, Power & Solar Systems Limited has high performing battery solution for telecom application. Power & Solar Systems Limited offers a comprehensive range of 6-FMX series Shoto Batteries. The designed...

UPS Batteries.

UPS applications make use of a wide variety of battery types; however, VRLA (valve-regulated lead–acid), also known as “sealed” or “maintenance-free batteries are currently the most common technology. VRLA batteries are sealed and can be mounted in any orientation. The...

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